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Wiza Docs  PHP based web application that allows you to set up your file management system as your personal file cloud and it also helps to set up your user management system.

This web application helps users to upload and manage their files from the dashboard as your file manager. User can share their files with other privately (password protected) or publicly. Users can download and view files. The admin user can set a restriction on the user like in which folder the user can upload files with allowing extension only and maximum file size. every user action perform on application goes into database logs and the admin user views these logs entry of users.

It allows administrators to manage users. The admin user creates user & role and set permissions to user wise and role wise, what the user can do and see in the application. Some of the including features are roles and permissions, password resets, active/inactive users and deleting users, manage file extension and folder. With

Features to File Management System

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