Arm yourself with powerful inventory management software


Don’t settle for confusing POS systems. Wiza POS simplifies inventory management, saving you hours each week while making sure your items always stay organized.

POS Systems Features


  • Easily add purchases.
  • Add purchase for different locations.
  • Manage Paid/Due purchases.
  • Get Notified of Due purchases week before the pay date.
  • Add discounts & Taxes

User & Role Management:

  • Powerful user and role management system
  • Predefined roles – Admin & Cashier
  • Create different Roles with permission as per your need.
  • Create unlimited users with different roles.

Customer & Suppliers

  • Mark contact as customer or supplier or both (customer & Supplier)
  • View details of transactions with a contact.
  • View total of Credit/Debit balance amount
  • Define pay term and get payment alerts week before the due date.

Add Location / Store fronts

  • Create multiple locations for your business/shop
  • Manage all of them at the same time.
  • Customize invoice layout, invoice scheme for each location
  • Stocks, Purchases, Sell can be tracked differently for locations.


  • Simplified interface for selling products
  • Default Walk-In-Customer automatically added to a business
  • Add new customer from POS screen.
  • Ajax based selling screen – save reloading time
  • Mark an invoice for draft or final
  • Different options for payments
  • Customize invoice layout and invoice scheme.


  • Manage Single & Variable products.
  • Classify products according to Brands, Category, Sub-Category
  • Add products having different units
  • Add SKU number or auto-generate SKU number with prefixes.
  • Get stock alerts on low stock.
  • Auto calculating selling price, the system is smart to auto calculate selling price
  • No need to type variations every time

Payment Accounts

  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flows
  • Trial Balance
  • Payment accounts reports.


  • Purchase , Sale & Tax Report
  • Contact & Stock Reports
  • Expense Reports
  • Sales Representative report
  • Cash Register Report
  • View Trending Products, drill down by Brands, Category, Sub-category, Units and date ranges

Another useful features

  • Bookings , orders & Subscriptions
  • Payment accounts & Accounting package
  • Works Offline & POS Screen
  • Stock Adjustment & Express Checkout
  • Get stock alerts on low stock.
  • Manage Brands, Tax Rate & Tax groups, Units, Category & Sub-Category
  • Set currency, time zone, financial year, the profit margin for a business etc.

Simple, Fast, and Powerful Tools.

Whatever your business type, Wiza POS’s robust, user-friendly inventory management tools will speed up your work day, improve your margins, and help you run a tight, profitable ship.