Wiza HR & Procurement System

While many companies have gotten on board with current HR systems, some workplaces still manage key functions of HR using messy and disconnected systems with manual and electronic counterparts. If you are using sticky notes, spreadsheets, and paper documents to organize employee information and communicate schedules, an HR system may be of great benefit to your organization.

Features of Wiza HR Systems

The HR systems of today are making it possible to pick and choose the features you need. In order to select the best features, however, it is imperative to understand what is out there. The following are features that are available with most HR systems, but companies may be able to select and utilize as many or as few features as needed:


This application based on new Latest Laravel 5.8 Framework. Human Resource Management system (HRM) & Payroll has become one of the most important tools for any corporate environment. It’s very easy for any kind of businesses and helps to keep the HR & Payroll department clean and clear. Amazing HRM & Payroll software is not just a visualize it’s now become an essential software for maintaining every corporate office. Any company can use it for their regular tasks, employee workforce management and account management. Amazing HRM & Payroll is designed latest security Technology and it is ready for high availability web application

Features to Wiza HR & Procurement System

  • Integrated the Finger Print Attendance Machine
  • Import/Export the Finger Print Attendance File
  • Salary Sheet
  • Bonus, Credit Facility, Salary Deduction and provident fund management
  • Employee management
  • Attendance management with report
  • Create/Delete Designation as required
  • Employees Add, Update, Delete or Block
  • Set Employee Access Roles
  • Easy User Interface
  • Customize salary Statement
  • Complete payroll management with report
  • Award management
  • Leave management with report
  • Employee role management
  • Notice board management
  • Holiday management
  • Complete expanse management with report
  • Employee Awards
  • Award Money
  • Beautiful Dashboard
  • Very Easy Setup and Installation
  • Fully HRM Management
  • Fully Payroll Management
  • Create Salary Template monthly
  • Employee Clock Attendance
  • Manage Time Change Requests
  • Attendance Reports
  • Create Leave Category
  • Set Leave Quota
  • Approve / Reject Leave Applications
  • Create/Delete Department
  • Give Gift Items
  • Employee Get Notified
  • Easy Tab Interface and Many More

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