COST OF MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT: How Much Does it Cost to Build an App in Uganda 2021?

COST OF MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT: How Much Does it Cost to Build an App in Uganda 2021?

The cost of mobile app development is covered with unknowns. No mobile app development team will give you an actual mobile app development costs estimate without knowing the main requirements of your mobile app, such as app business logic, features, development team location and composition, and so on.

In today’s mobile-first world, Most internet users use mobile phones (smartphones) to purchase products online, making mobility a digital happen. Mobile apps design, thus, continues to be a critical priority for organizations or companies to attract, engage, and possible target customers.

You can estimate the costs to develop app features below if you have an idea of the requirements of the mobile app. Moreover, in this article, you will find tips on app feature prioritization and development costs depending on their complexity.

But firstly, let’s find out the main steps to estimate your mobile app costs.

How to assess the average cost of creating an app in five steps

Step 1. Ask a mobile app development team for a quote

To receive a precise mobile app cost estimate, get in touch with the mobile app development team.

Step 2. Select the number of mobile platforms to use

To provide you with a mobile app cost estimation, developers need to know whether you want to build an app for iOS, Android, windows or all

Step 3. Create the list with app functionality

To reflect your business idea, mobile developers and business analysts will create a list of your mobile app’s necessary features.

Step 4. Prioritize mobile app features to implement in MVP

Ask mobile developers to prioritize only those core features from the main list to validate your business idea.

Step 5. Ask the development team to estimate your main app features

Ask mobile app developers to evaluate the list with must-have features they will implement first and get precise mobile app development estimated cost.

Cost of Mobile App development: simple, medium, complex

Simple (basic)

  • No API integration
  • No back-end
  • Basic UI components
  • Simple features (email subscription, social login, calendar, etc.)
  • 400+ hours

Moderate (Business)

  • Custom UI/UX features
  • Build-in payment gateway
  • API integration
  • Back-end server
  • 500-800+ hours

Complex (corporate)

  • Multi-language support
  • 3rd-party integrations
  • Custom animations
  • Complicated back-end
  • Custom UI/UX design
  • Real-time features via database integration
  • 800-1500+ hours

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