Get Custom Software Designed For Your Business

Get Custom Software Designed For Your Business

Wiza Limited is the leading software, Website and Mobile App Development Company in Uganda. Our custom software development service is about delivering first-rate results that bring business value. We serve different businesses from startups to bigger companies.

Our client s always leave satisfied, and this has been the hallmark of our business. It has served as an inspiration to get better. Our goal is to provide quality information technology services at the most affordable prices. Our web and mobile app development include Android App development, IOS App development& Windows App development. We develop websites and mobile-friendly apps to enhance customer’s experience.

We design software tools ranging from Excel to Oracle help companies juggle massive amounts of data, more often than not teams are restricted by what their information tools can deliver.  Wiza Limited Uganda develops custom software for your company.

Here a Wiza Limited, have been delivering custom software development services across different industries. During that time, we put in a great deal of effort to learn about bottlenecks and specifics of multiple industry domains. With that knowledge in our base, we have developed an approach that empowers us to deliver innovative solutions tailored to unique needs of our clients.

“It’s all in the tools.” “Work smarter, not harder” – in today’s world that means having the right software tools in the hands of your very busy team. We can cut hours from data entry tasks by perfectly tailoring software. We can eliminate error-prone duplication by integrating systems. We can improve decision making by more quickly synthesizing business data. We give your customers a means of communicating with you.

We provide full range of custom made software development to meet our client’s specific needs and unique success factors in their operation. To every project, we bring a mixture of industry information, unique company culture and some of the best technical talent in the world. Our clients’ business outcome is the true measure of our success and pushes us to find creative solutions to the most difficult problems.

We have systems like school management system , sacco systems, document managment system, hospital system, Point of sale system etc.

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