Leading Point of Sale system (POS) in Kampala – Uganda

Leading Point of Sale system (POS) in Kampala – Uganda

WizaPOS is the Best Point of Sale system in Kampala, Uganda & trusted by many customers. It’s a POS system for Hotels, supermarkets, restaurants and bars, hardware stores, boutiques, retail shops, etc.

What’s a (POS)Point of sale System?

Point of sale system (POS) refers to the place where a customer performs the payment for goods or services and where sales taxes may become billed. It can be in a physical store, where POS terminals and systems are used to process card payments or a virtual sales point such as a computer or mobile electronic device.

WizaPos (point of sale system) in Kampala, Uganda was developed after Wiza Limited found that there was an appeal for retail and wholesale management systems for stores, hotels, bars, hardware shops, retail shops, and so forth It went to our notification that a large portion of the systems that were accessible at the time was not gathering the client’s necessities and this gave the clients a difficult time as far as functionality

How will the POS (point of sale system) support your business?

Regardless of whether you have dreams to develop your private venture into an appealing undertaking or you’re content being the little corner shop, ensure the point of sale (POS)  you pick can uphold your business now, and later on.

  • Reporting/ Reports

What kind of reports and analytics are accessible? Are they in real-time?

  • Multi-Store Functionality

Does the point of sale (POS) solution support multiple locations from one central business?

Can the POS system simply sync with your website or shopping cart?

  • Customer Service

How does the POS provider support your business? Standard business hours or 24/7?

  • Usability and Interface

Is the POS system easy to set up? Is it simple to use and train employees?

Following are the advantages to the WizaPOS 


We ensure that our point of sale system is reliable according to our client’s needs and we give them (our customers) a 99.9% assurance for this particular keynote.

It`s for a client to ask for any feature update that they may need to use.

Who says you will be left with the product that isn’t updated, we generally guarantee that our item is fully updated regarding the current market patterns. Additionally, there comes when you need a specific element to be added to the system, and with WizaPOS that is truly conceivable. You should simply get that telephone and call us or send us an email.

Direct contact and easy communication

It is now very easy for clients to contact the system providers since support is not through a third party. This is so important because no system can be 100% functional at all times. Systems break down at any time due to various reasons like a hardware malfunction, computer crash, etc. when any of the above happens, and immediate help is needed since every second is very important in any business. With our team of experienced and reliable personnel, you are always sure you will get the help you need at any time.

Free Training

Unlike other software vendors in-country, the WizaPOS team gives each and every buyer of the software license free training to enable the users to be able to utilize all the functionalities of the product hence simplifying their lives.

Please contact us for all system development projects


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