The Real Difference Between Web Design And Web Development

The Real Difference Between Web Design And Web Development

In those days when we were simply having the opportunity to find out about web design and web development, we used to hear puzzling terms. I generally got baffled on various occasions at whatever point I heard individuals talk about website-related terms like web design and web development. I continued asking myself inquiries like What are the jobs of website designers? What is engaged with web design? Our web design and web development the equivalent? And so forth Subsequent to doing broad examination on the web, I discovered the meaning of all these. While a great many people actually utilize the terms web design and web development equivalently, they don’t mean something very similar. We should take a gander at the genuine contrast between web design and web development.

What does web design really mean?

In a layman’s language, web design can be simply defined as the process of creating websites. Web design is also comprised of other aspects as webpage layout, graphic design, and content creation.

While some people interchangeably use the word web design and web development, web sign is actually a subset of the broader category of web development. Websites are made using HTML and are styled using a CSS or Cascading Style Sheet. Every website includes a combination of HTML and CSS which determines how a website will look like in a browser.

Some web designers prefer to create websites from scratch, hand-coding using HTM and CSS while others prefer using WYSIWYG editors e.g Adobe’s Dreamweaver. Such editors provide an interface where one can quickly design a website or webpage layout without having to write code. The software automatically generates a corresponding HTML/CSS code.

Website specialists additionally use content management systems like Joomla and WordPress to build sites. These CMS systems have a pool of free and premium format which one can use to fabricate another website and the website layout can be easily customized using a web-based interface

While HTML and CSS are utilized to make the feel and the appearance of a website, the pictures to be utilized on the website should be made independently. This implies some of the time illustration designs can cover with website design since visual architects typically make pictures are utilized on the web. Indeed Even some graphics design software has an option to ‘Save for web’ which makes it easier to export images in a format that is ready for web publishing.

What is web development?

Web development is the process of creating, building, and maintaining websites. Web development is composed of features such as web design, web programming, and web design, and database management.

Web development comprises various types of web content creation such as coding webpages from scratch using a text editor, creating a website using web development programs like Adobe Dreamweaver, or updating a blog via a blogging website. Like web design, websites can also be developed on content management systems like Drupal, Joomla, or Word Press.

Large businesses usually do not use content management systems but instead, hire a dedicated web development team that designs and at the same time maintains the company’s website. Smaller organizations and individuals usually choose CMS likes WordPress because of its simplicity and also comes with free basic templates.


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