Why hire Wiza Limited team to design you a website

Why hire Wiza Limited team to design you a website

There are many reasons hiring a web designer could be your best option when you want to refresh the look of your current website or create a whole new website. Before you consider another option, take a look at the benefits that come with having your website designed by a professional.

1. Save time and money

A big benefit of hiring a web designer is that it will save you time. Web designers are professionals who spend their day keeping up to date with the latest design trends and best practices while learning to use cutting-edge graphic design software. They also will have experience designing dozens, if not hundreds, of sites like yours. While you can try to get the same results by learning design and all the tools, it will take much longer, and the results won’t be comparable.

The right web designer will also be efficient and suggest features for your website you may not have thought of but will need later on, which will save you time.

2. Customized design

Many times, a business will use a content management system (CMS) to speed up the development process of their website. A CMS makes it easy for non-technical users to modify website content. The business may also choose to use one of the templates that the CMS provides and customize it with their branding and for their needs instead of hiring a web designer.

The problem with this is that many other businesses will be doing the same thing, and your design will end up looking like theirs, even with the customizations that were applied. A website designer will provide you with a unique design that fits your business whether you use a CMS or not.

3. Customer support

When you hire a web designer, you have someone you can call on to make modifications to the design quickly and easily. If you customize a template yourself or have someone on your team do it, they will be called away from their regular work to make the changes.

4. Professional look

A web designer will create a design for your website that is dynamic, functional, and attractive. Design standards and trends are always changing. These changes usually are the result of advances in technology that provide new features to improve user experience possible. Hiring a web designer will ensure that your design won’t look dated or like a cookie-cutter site that is only slightly different from other online sites.

5. Responsive design

Visitors to your website might use one of a number of devices to access it, and your one website design must look good in each format. Accomplishing this takes a lot of work, knowledge of possible devices, and responsive design skills.

Just because your site looks good in a standard web browser like Chrome doesn’t mean it will look good on an Android or iPhone. A web designer will make sure your website detects the device a visitor is using and applies the correct styles so your site always looks good.

6. Faster website

The speed of your website is important not only to your visitors but also to your website’s rank on Google. It has been proven that speeding up the time it takes your page to load can increase conversion rate, and it is also a factor that Google uses to determine the rank of your website in search results. [3]  A web designer will optimize your site’s load time so that your visitors don’t leave to find a faster-loading competing site.

7. More potential traffic

Website designers know about search engine optimization (or SEO), which is the process of optimizing your website content and structure to get the highest rank possible in search engines. One of the ranking factors a website designer can help you with is site speed. But they can also optimize the structure of your site and its content so that it looks better to search engines like Google and you get more resulting traffic.

8. Reliability

When you hire a web designer, your website will simply be more reliable. If you try to create the design in-house or use a template, you may never be sure if there is a bug just waiting for a customer to find or if the design will stand up once it starts getting real traffic. A web designer will know all the ins and outs of creating a design that won’t crash and will be free of bugs.

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