Point Of Sale System For Boutiques

Point Of Sale System For Boutiques

The aim of this project is to develop such a system that can be used by boutique management as well as selling points of the respective entity to manage and perform successful transactions and track complete record. This project is basically intended to support the boutique point of sale. It also manages the inventories, customers, sellers, and also employee records and information. It also facilitates the customers and management team to evaluate and investigate the inventories and also track the revenue of overall products, also products status.

There are different types of users of the system i.e. system administrators, sales staff and customers. Each has its own privileges and actions to perform. Web Interface of the system will be allowed only to employees only. Admin will have access to web interface for maintaining system database. Admin will have access to Manage (Suppliers, Employee, Outlets, Beauty Clinics, Customers, and stock inventory system) System Configuration. System also has different modules i.e. Outlets, Beauty Clinics, Reporting Cost Calculation, Inventory Management, Supplier Management, Customer Management and Stock Management etc.

System also has complete set of inventory and stock management to calculate the appropriate stock and revenue on the basis of different factors i.e. discount on stock purchased, discount on stock sold out and Account management. System calculates the cost and manages the items of different categories and also calculates the profit and loss and manages all the outlets records. Admin can set all priorities and items return and receiving for all categories.

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